Apple's iPad: Was it magical for you, too?

Is the iPad truly a game-changing device, or just more Apple hype? Both, say the residents of Cringeville

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Regular correspondent D. S. says the iPad is the first truly innovative product he's seen Apple produce:

... as opposed to the iPhone, iTouch, even iPod, Apple really does seem to be the first to produce a tablet form factor and software presentation that makes immediate sense. In the previous cases, they kind of picked up on things already on the market and arguably improved them.

But he adds that Apple missed the boat on one feature. If it only had an infrared transmitter, he writes, "it would then be the best universal [TV] remote ever."

Too much sugar for you? Here, have some lemons, courtesy of Canadian reader R. F.:

The iPad, like most things Apple, is a toy for the technically challenged and who's favorite colour is "Shiny."

That ought to inspire some hate mail from Apple fanboys.

Still debating whether or not to buy an iPad? eSarcasm's JR Raphael has concocted a handy chart to help you decide. Meanwhile, thanks to all my readers who write in and comment on my posts. You make Cringeville a more interesting place to live.

Haven’t weighed in yet on the iPad yay-or-nay debate? Now's your chance. Post your thoughts below or email me:

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