The dirt locker: Dirty duty on the front lines of IT

Seven more nasty tech jobs that make you want to bathe

Jobs may still be scarce in today's economy, but there's no shortage of nasty IT work -- as the third annual installment of our Dirty IT Jobs series clearly demonstrates.

Some tech jobs are literally dirty; digging around the innards of a data center or running network cables through crawlspaces, for example, can leave you deeply in need of a shower.

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More often, though, dirty IT jobs put people in tough positions -- like having to explain to a crew of arrogant geeks why the network can't be upgraded the same day payroll needs to run; or why you're not a spammer despite what it says on your business card; or how lying about your company's products is probably not a good strategy for long-term growth. You may be forced to take the blame for a failed project even when it's not your fault or to expose wrongdoing at your workplace even if it puts your career at risk.

Dirty jobs never rest, and neither do the people charged with doing them. Be thankful you aren't one of them. And if you are -- well, at least you have a job. Right?

What dirty jobs have we missed? Nominate yours in our dirty IT jobs discussion thread.

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