Engine Yard offering support services for JRuby

Users get direct access to Ruby, Rails, and JRuby experts

Cloud platform vendor Engine Yard is offering professional support for JRuby, which is a version of the Ruby programming language running on the Java Virtual Machine.

Commercial JRuby support from Engine Yard provides direct access to Ruby, Rails, and JRuby experts at the company, Engine Yard said.

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"Java-based enterprises demand commercial support for any technology they use. With Engine Yard's combined engineering expertise in Rails, Ruby, and JRuby, our new support offering meets and exceeds that requirement," said Tom Mornini, CTO of Engine Yard, in a statement released by the company.

"Organizations that made smart investments in Java for its security and reliability are now adding JRuby to their environments because it enables them to take advantage of the productivity benefits Ruby delivers," said Charles Nutter, co-lead of the JRuby core team at Engine Yard, also in a statement. "Commercial-grade support for JRuby from Engine Yard is another important step towards establishing Ruby on Rails as the best choice for next-generation development in the enterprise."

Featured in Engine Yard's program is developer assistance and advice on tuning JRuby in production environments. The most recent version of JRuby is covered as well as libraries including jruby-openssi, activerecord-jdbc-adapter, warbler,and jruby-rack. Bundled components are supported such as Joni, Yecht, and jrubyffi.

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An earlier version of this story stated that support was only available for deployments on Engine Yard's cloud. This incorrect information has been removed.

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