Apple's iPad invasion: First stop, Hollywood

The geeks are taking over Tinseltown, and Steve Jobs' appearance at this year's Academy Awards heralds their arrival

Steve Jobs appeared at the Oscars last night looking radiant in a strapless Giorgio Armani Prive organza evening gown with a side train accented by Swarovski crystals.

Oh, sorry, that was Jennifer Lopez. My bad.

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(Though Jobs could very well have been in that gown too, along with Marc Anthony and half of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. There was enough J. Lo to go around for everybody. If she were a commuter train, her engine would be arriving at its final destination before her caboose even left the station.)

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But I digress. Yes, Steve-o really was at the Academy Awards ceremony, looking dapper in a classic black tux, though I'd bet $50 he had a black turtleneck on underneath it. Marketing dude Wayne Sutton was apparently the first to spot Jobs entering the Kodak Theater, and his squeals of excitement echoed across Twitter, even in plain text.

The point here, such as it is: Hollywood has officially been taken over by the geeks -- and not just James Cameron and his army of blue-skinned cartoon cats. There have always been techies making movie magic. ET didn't really fly that bicycle. I'm talking about the business side of geekdom: the decision makers. That's what's changed.

Jobs' understated appearance at Hollywood's biggest party was his way of announcing that the nerds are driving the bus, and all you pretty people need to step to the rear.

He is, of course, the world's largest holder of Disney stock, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of his $5 billion net worth. That came as a result of selling Pixar to Disney four years ago, after 20 years of helping those talented folk change how films are made. So he may have just been there to help his old Pixar pals celebrate the success of "Up," which won two Oscars, including Best Animated Feature Film.

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