Welcome, readers of the Industry Standard!

The Industry Standard has been merged with InfoWorld, the site of record for emerging business technology

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the Industry Standard. As of today, the Industry Standard has been merged with InfoWorld.

Since 1997, the Industry Standard has chronicled the rise of the Internet economy and other digital businesses and has evolved along with them. At first, the Standard was a print magazine that tracked the Internet boom of the late 1990s. Ten years later, the online-only Industry Standard emerged to cover a new wave of change driven by mobile technologies and networked communities.

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Today, the Industry Standard begins a new chapter, offering news and views on the technology economy as a channel on InfoWorld. Here you'll find the latest on the business side of tech, from mergers and acquisitions to startup companies to the latest volley of patent infringement lawsuits. Best of all, you'll enjoy laser-sharp analysis from award-winning technology journalist Bill Snyder.

While you're here, we'd like to introduce you to a variety of resources on InfoWorld, the industry's liveliest and most authoritative source of technology information and analysis. With an eye toward modernizing IT, InfoWorld excels at evaluating emerging technologies and calculating their impact on both end-users and IT professionals.

We've taken the liberty of highlighting InfoWorld content that readers of the Industry Standard may find especially entertaining or useful:

  • Robert X. Cringely: His thrice-weekly dispatches offer trenchant, irreverent analysis of the tech industry's developing news.
  • The InfoWorld Test Center: The most respected product review and benchmarking operation in the industry, this network of technology experts boasts extensive real-world experience in enterprise IT.
  • Advice Line from Bob Lewis: Putting the managerial expertise into "IT management," Lewis answers reader questions about the challenges of cultivating a successful IT career.
  • Mobile Edge: See how smartphones and other mobile devices are transforming -- and being transformed -- by their increasing ubiquity in the modern workplace.
  • Cloud Computing from David Linthicum: When you're in search of hard information about the biggest, fuzziest trend in IT, it helps to have an experienced technologist like David Linthicum as your guide.
  • Deep Dive Reports: Written by InfoWorld contributors and editors, our downloadable Deep Dive Reports provide comprehensive information on security best practices, iPhone business applications, network architecture, storage strategies, and much more.
  • InfoWorld's Twitter stream (@infoworld): Each day, we highlight our best content and tell you what we're reading around the Web.

Together InfoWorld and the Industry Standard offer a front-row seat to history-making changes in the world of tech. Turn to us for incisive coverage of emerging products, services, and trends that upset the old order and create new business opportunities.

Thank you for your support of the Industry Standard.

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