Mainsoft bridges the gap between Google and Microsoft

The company's new Harmony software lets users share Google Docs from within Outlook

Cross-platform interoperability vendor Mainsoft has announced today the beta of its Harmony software, which provides full access to Google Docs document libraries from within Outlook. The software was built using APIs from both Google Docs and SharePoint.

Harmony uses a drag-and-drop interface to share, upload, or view Google Docs files directly in Outlook. It also eliminates the need for local versions of documents on hard drives -- and the need to find the most recent version of a document to email around -- by utilizing one central, shared document and lets the designated "owner" of that document set controls for who has access and editing privileges for it. Harmony will also provide access to both Outlook and Google contacts, though it will not synchronize the contact lists.

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Mainsoft notes that email is still the most popular business communication tool, even with so many alternative forms of communication available. With this in mind, the company's goal with Harmony is to help turn Outlook into a collaboration console, adding document sharing functionality to the software's email capabilities to create a single collaboration and communication hub.

Harmony for Google docs can be downloaded from Mainsoft's Website. The company has also posted a version that integrates Outlook with Microsoft SharePoint.

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