What to expect from HTML5

Support for the next generation of HTML is already appearing in today’s browsers and Web pages. Are you ready to take advantage?

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So much work remains to be done on the HTML5 standard, however, that some organizations are liable to dismiss it as yet another overhyped, up-and-coming technology. That would be a mistake. Standards bodies by their very nature move slowly, but work on HTML5 is being driven by large, motivated vendors, including Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, the Mozilla Foundation, Opera Software, and others. These companies recognize the need for an upgrade to the HTML standard, and their work is helping to realize its potential. The resulting opportunities for Web developers are too compelling to ignore.

Notable HTML5 Demonstration Sites

(Note: Most require Chrome, Safari, or IE plus the Chrome Frame plug-in.)

Mozilla Bespin An in-browser programmer's editor written using HTML technologies
YouTube YouTube's HTML5 player offers experimental HTML5 support
Vimeo Vimeo movies offer a link at the bottom for switching to an HTML5 player (Chrome, Safari, IE+Chrome Frame)
Merge Design An HTML5 geolocation demo
Sticky Notes A demonstration of HTML5 client-side storage
Wolfenstein 3D Demo using the canvas tag (with how-to) -- works in Firefox 3.6
ClouserW Soundboard An HTML5 sound board showing off multimedia capabilities
Google Wave Google Wave relies on HTML5 for some of its features
FreeCiv A game implemented in HTML5

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