My Oracle Support site hit by problems again

Login issues cropped up on the troubled portal as Oracle gets ready to add thousands of Sun users

Problems once again wracked Oracle's new My Oracle Support portal this week, with some users reporting difficulties accessing the site.

Oracle is aware of an "intermittent login issue" with the site and "is working on it as a priority," said senior support manager Chris Warticki in a blog post Thursday.

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Users who can't get into the site should call support if they want to log a service request or check the status of one, he added.

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Warticki went on to recommend various places Oracle users can potentially find help for their issues besides the support system's knowledge base, such as podcasts, webcasts, and company blogs.

Some users were nonetheless put out by the system problems.

"I have a major emergency on a system today and need an SR but this new MOS sucks so bad," one poster wrote in an official Oracle user forum Thursday. "It's an absolute disgrace."

The service outage is just the latest bump in the road for MOS, which recently replaced an older system called Metalink. Many users decried the switch, citing performance issues caused by MOS' Flash-heavy interface as a chief gripe. Oracle subsequently offered an HTML option for MOS, but apparently hasn't worked out all the kinks yet.

And MOS is about to face even greater demands as Oracle starts supporting thousands of Sun Microsystems users.

During a webcast on the Sun acquisition last week, an Oracle official pledged that Sun customers are about to experience the highest level of customer service in the industry, and that the companies' support systems would be merged within a matter of weeks.

Meanwhile, Oracle hasn't taken enough ownership of the site's issues, wrote Daniel Fink on the OptimalDBA blog Thursday.

"The perception of MOS and Oracle would be greatly enhanced by Oracle saying 'We are having problems. ... We know that the problems are not the fault of the users, but are the fault of Oracle,'" Fink wrote.

It was unclear Friday whether the problems with MOS have been completely resolved. An Oracle spokeswoman didn't immediately return a request for comment.

An Oracle spokeswoman said via e-mail Friday that the problems have been fully resolved, but she did not respond to a query about what caused the outage.

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