How to get your first tech job -- it's not what you think

Many students entering the workforce have never been given any guidance on how to go about it. Here's what they should know

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Succeeding once you've been hired

First: Make everything you just read about in the preceding "Interviewing" section real. Be a professional. Don't be a spoiled brat.

Next, in most companies there are great employees, average employees, and duds of various kinds. You'll be known by the company you keep.

Lastly, remember that beyond being an employee in IT, you're an employee of the company. Learn everything you can about it. Make friends outside of IT, too. The best IT careers don't stay within the boundaries of IT -- they take some turns elsewhere in the business. And the best IT employees understand the point of what they do, which isn't to build and manage great technology.

It's to help people throughout the business be more effective using technology.

Hope this helps, Galen. Write when you find work!


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