Apple's iPhone 4G passes the bar

Did you lose your top-secret Apple 4G handset in a bar last week? Apparently somebody did -- or this is just a fiendishly clever guerrilla marketing campaign by Apple

Mom always told me wasting my time hanging out in bars would lead to no good. It turns out mom was wrong -- at least when it comes to the iPhone.

Late last Friday night, staffers at the Engadget blog (or one of their partying pals) found an alleged working model of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, the 4G, on the floor of a bar in San Jose. It was hidden inside the case of an iPhone 3G.

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Personally, I’ve done some of my finest investigative work crawling around the floors of bars. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve found down there -- cigarette lighters, secret product road maps scribbled on cocktail napkins, my editor. So far, though, I’ve yet to encounter any next-gen products from the most secretive public company on the planet.

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The reaction from the blogosphere? Mild pandemonium, with people exposing the pics as fakes, then providing “proof” they’re real, and blah blah blah.

It gets better.

Apparently rival blog Gizmodo tracked down the person who found the purloined Jesus phone and bought it off him/her (or possibly slipped it out of their pocket while they were sleeping one off), disassembled the dingus, and took photos. There’s even a brief video of the thing (warning: individuals allergic to close-ups of pasty-faced bloggers might want to avert their eyes). That seemingly settled the matter: This really was the new Apple iPhone 4G.

What’s the alleged big news? The iPhone 4G will sport a front-facing camera, presumably so that you can enjoy your own ChatRoulette sausage fest from any location. It will have 80GB of storage, an 960-by-460 HD display, and a noise-cancelling mike. It will sport separate buttons for volume up and volume down (be still my heart), and ... that’s about all we know. Are you trembling with excitement? Me neither.

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