HP experts to host online printer troubleshooting event

HP will host a 24-hour online event during which you can ask HP's printer experts your toughest printer questions

I've gotten quite a few emails from Gripe Line readers with printer issues since Monday's post, "Where are my Windows 7 print drivers?" I sense there's some serious HP printer frustration out there, and it appears HP is sensing it, too, as the company will be hosting a 24-hour online Meet the Experts event tomorrow, April 20.

According to the announcement, "For one focused day, more than 75 HP experts -- the people who have actually designed and built these printers and all-in-ones -- will be on hand to answer questions via war rooms set up all over the world from Boise to Vancouver to San Diego to Shanghai and Singapore. Consumers will be able to tap the best and brightest minds at HP for free."

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I'm told that no question is off limits and that "the experts will be discussing everything from setting up printers to tips on scanning to configuring a wireless printing network."

The event is schedule to run from Tuesday, April 20 at 12 p.m. ET to Wednesday, April 21 at 12 p.m. ET in the HP Consumer Support Forum. Go to HP's Website for more info.

I realize this is short notice and a consumer offering, but back when I was writing tips at PC World, I had a contact inside HP who was a specialized printer engineer. There was no question he could not answer, no problem he could not solve. I have often wished that I could find him again -- we each moved on to different jobs -- when I ran into printer questions, both personal and editorial. I thought the opportunity to talk to the people who design the printers -- rather than a script-reading tech support staffer -- was worth sharing.

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