JetBrains upgrades YouTrack bug tracker

YouTrack 2.0 features greater customization and security capabilities

JetBrains, makers of the IntelliJ Idea Java IDE, announced the release Wednesday of YouTrack 2.0, which the company describes as a more customizable version of its keyboard-centric bug- and issue-tracking system.

The product features fast issue-reporting and native language-like search queries. Batch operations on multiple issues can be performed from the command window, JetBrains said. A REST API supports batch operations, JetBrains said.

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Featured in the 2.0 release are custom attributes to help development teams more easily adapt the bug tracker to specific needs and migrate existing projects from other issue trackers.  For security, YouTrack 2.0 offers access control to strengthen permissions for individual issues that contain non-public data but without limiting access to a whole project.

"If you want to spend less time on reporting and processing bugs, YouTrack is probably for you. And with the latest security and customization enhancements, it not only improves your performance but also fully adapts to your team's needs," said Vadam Gurov, YouTrack team lead, in a statement released by JetBrains.

YouTrack 2.0 also enables submission of issues from any Web page and finding and filtering of issues via a query-based syntax search. The product integrates with the JetBrains TeamCity, for continuous build and integration, and can import projects from the Jira 4.1 issue tracker. 

YouTrack 2.0 is available in a Starter Edition for small teams with no more than 10 projects, for $140; a Professional Edition, limited to 20 projects and 20 user accounts, for $300, and the Enterprise Edition, for any number of projects. Enterprise Edition costs $1,200. Under a special summer offer, users can get any of the editions for 25 percent off the regular price.

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