An iPhone thief unmasked, Jobs uncaged, and tablets unraveled

This week in high-tech hijinks: The iPhone 4G rogue is exposed, Steve Jobs goes medieval on Adobe, and Microsoft kills the Courier

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Shoot the Courier

In more tablet news, Microsoft has officially "killed" Courier, that nifty two-sided tablet that appeared to exist only on the Gizmodo blog, and then only in video animation. Naturally, Gizmodo was the first to report on Courier's demise, but at least they got Microsoft to confirm the project actually existed. Still, doesn't something first have to be alive before it's officially dead?

Back in the old days, publications that reported on products in development but never saw the light of day were accused, and rightly so, of promoting vaporware. Now in the new facts-optional world of blogging, that earns you kudos for two scoops: first that the product is coming, and then that it isn't.

The good news: Nobody from Microsoft broke down anyone's door at Gizmodo to demand they return a copy of that Courier cartoon.

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