Blog your way to a new job

A well-executed blog can reveal your strengths and potential as an employee, especially if the right person is reading

How many times have you been warned to be careful what you put online about yourself because future employers will find all your embarrassing pictures from Las Vegas in a Google search?

It's a caveat worth considering, but it lays out only half the story, as my friend Katherine Simmons pointed out to me recently.

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Katherine, who writes the Netshare blog about employment issues and strategies, pointed me in the direction of recent research about online reputations. The survey confirms that employers do research prospective employees online, and their hiring decisions are influenced by what they find.

That is, they're influenced positively when they read thoughtful comments that reveal strong skills, good business and technical judgment, and desirable attitudes.

Not all bloggers pick up big followings. If you fall into this camp and are feeling discouraged, don't let it get you down. It might be that you end up with only one person reading what you've taken all that time to carefully think out and post for the world to see. Such a lack of readership might feel frustrating. That's understandable.

But if you get a single, solitary reader who only visits once, that might be enough to justify the effort -- if it's the right person. That's a chance worth taking when you're looking for a job.

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