Steve Jobs: Savior or tyrant?

Love or loathe him, Steve Jobs gets under your skin. Readers weigh in on whether Apple's notorious control freak is helping or harming the industry

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Reader C. G., on the other hand, can see why Apple banned Flash: fewer performance problems and compatibility issues, as well as a lower risk of malware infections:

By locking down an iPhone and iPad, Apple is trying to make it very hard for a user to pick up any form of malware, and they are also trying to make the systems very easy to use. ...My experience of Flash on a Pentium 4, is that just one single web page could grind the CPU to 100% activity, making the system appear unresponsive, and the script kiddies have a habit of writing code that crashes browsers. Then there is the issue of all the incompatible browsers, and ensuring you have the latest version of Flash installed. ... Apple kit feels like it has been designed, whereas Microsoft's OSs feel more like the products of multiple committees that don't talk to one another. ...With Macs I've left it all behind. I'm therefore glad to see the back of Flash, and the desire of web designers to grind CPUs into the ground.

C. O., who apparently escaped the hell of Windows for the heaven of the Mac OS, writes with great enthusiasm about the iPad's "flawless, elegant" design, but says you're free to buy a piece of WinTel junk if that's what rocks your boat:

Any user has a choice -- Enter the Jobs ecosystem where developers do not have free reign, and users may have to make some small compromises, but an ecosystem that works brilliantly; or remain in the so-called "open" world of behemoths like Microsoft and Google, and search and search for hardware that isn't pure crap.

Meanwhile, Cringe fan (?) E. J. simply states I'm full of [excrement] -- and that's all he has to say about the matter. OK, fine. But since when has that not been true?

What about you? Got a strong opinion about Apple, Adobe, or what I'm full of? Post your thoughts below or email me:

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