HP offers tools for app modernization

Tools descended from Mercury line improve testing processes to help companies get rid of obsolete technologies

HP will offer on Monday tools that the company says help realize benefits of application modernization.

HP Service Test Management 10.5 and enhancements to HP Functional Testing 10.0 allow clients to focus on application quality and improve collaboration between development and quality assurance teams, HP said. The service management product pulls together information about what needs to be tested and functional testing is where tests are developed, said Mark Sarbiewski, senior director of products, HP Software and Solutions.

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"Service Test Management is the map; HP Functional Testing is the car," Sarbiewski said.

The Functional Testing product, which HP acquired when it bought Mercury Interactive, adds coverage for rich Internet technologies via Web 2.0 Feature Pack. "We've extended the native environment coverage to include [Microsoft] Silverlight, the sets of AJAX toolkits, [Adobe] Flex/Flash, all of these," said Sarbiewski.

Also developers can extend support for other technologies in HP Functional Testing 10.0 via Extensibility Accelerator.

HP Service Test Management 10.5, which works with the HP Quality Center platform, adds tracking of different parts of an application, including presentation, service bus, and other components. It previously focused on the service bus layer.

"The benefit of expanding it is to bring the whole picture together," Sarbiewski said. The Service Test management product also came to HP via the Mercury acquisition.

A recent Forrester Consulting study sponsored by HP found a strong demand for application modernization at the enterprise level, HP said. Obsolete technologies and bloated portfolios are stifling business agility and productivity, HP said.

HP Service Test Management 10.5 and HP Functional Testing 10.0 prices begin at several thousand dollars for each product.

HP views its coverage of various development technologies, including Java, .Net, Flash, and SAP, as a differentiator between it and rivals like IBM Rational, Micro Focus, and Microsoft.

"We pride ourselves on having the broadest coverage," Sarbiewski said.

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