Cisco: LinkedIn users hammered with malicious malware

Duped users who click fake connection request unwittingly download data-theft malware

Twitter users aren't the only social networkers suffering the brunt of malicious cyber criminals today. LinkedIn members are reportedly being heavily targeted with fake connection requests that direct users to unwittingly download data-theft malware.

These fake LinkedIn requests accounted for as much as 24 percent of all spam sent within a 15-minute interval earlier today, according to Cisco. Clicking the link takes victims to a Web page that reads "PLEASE WAITING.... 4 SECONDS," then redirects them to Google.

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During those four seconds, the victim's PC is infected with ZeuS, which embeds itself in the victim's Web browser and captures personal information, such as online banking credentials. Cisco advises that IT admins encourage individuals to delete such requests

This marks the second massive spam attack this month; the first was the "Here You Have" emails. More such attacks targeting organizations aimed at swiping personal information are expected, Cisco says.

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