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InfoWorld news quiz: Sept. 24, 2010 -- Facebook phones home, HP leaves Hurd alone

Got a Facebook phone? If so, either you've got a lot of company or none at all, depending on which Internet rumors you believed this week. In other news: Twitter got hacked, the RIAA and MPAA were attacked, HP and Oracle buried the hatchet, and Mark Zuckerberg just joined the big kids' table. Are you ready to dazzle us with your geeky brilliance? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now let's get started.

1. Rumors about a Facebook phone flew fast and furious across the Web this week. Which of the following statements is a known fact?

a. The handset will run the Android OS
b. Facebook will contract with HTC to build it
c. It will integrate deeply with the social network
d. Facebook has disavowed all knowledge of it

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