You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

Google finds its Voice, states give Craigslist a choice

Is there anything Google won't try? That's the question in this week's quiz, where the search/advertising/fill-in-the-blank giant dips its toes in even more kinds of water. Also in this quiz: Facebook gets into a First Amendment scuffle, the Net neutrality debate gets uglier, North Korea breaks its silence, Apple continues to push the envelope on patents, and yet more state attorneys general get up in Craigslist's grill over adult ads. Are you fully plugged in? Here's your chance to prove it. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now get cracking.

1. Google's had a busy seven days. Which of the following did the search/advertising giant not do?

a. Acquired visual shopping site
b. Experimented with "streaming" search results
c. Announced plans to build phone booths in U.S. airports
d. Launched its "Google Me" Facebook killer

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