Micro Focus links ALM tools with Microsoft, Eclipse development platforms

The company expands former Borland automated testing products SilkTest and SilkCentral Test Manager

Micro Focus this week announced the 2010 releases of SilkTest and SilkCentral Test Manager, which boast integration between the former Borland application lifecycle management (ALM) products and development platforms from Microsoft and Eclipse.

SilkTest 2010, for automated testing, features Silk4Net, a UI option that extends SilkTest by plugging directly into Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 IDE. Another UI, Silk4J, plugs into Eclipse environments. The UIs enable .Net and Java developers to build automated tests in their native programming language, Micro Focus said. The company acquired Borland last year.

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Other UI options in SilkTest 2010 include a codeless storyboard-based testing UI enabling less-technical users to build test automations. An automation engine shared by SilkTest UIs offers more powerful test scripts and requires little script maintenance, Micro Focus said.

While SilkTest is used for automated functional and regression testing, SilkCentral Test Manager controls testing processes once they are set up.

"SilkTest 2010 and SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 not only prevent defects that arise with poor synchronization of requirements and quality but allow organizations to dramatically increase their levels of automated testing," said Rich Novak, president and general manager of the Micro Focus Application Management and Quality Division, in a statement released by the company.

SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 features a framework for managing quality for either traditional or agile software development products. It is integrated with the Visual Studio defect-tracking and source control for versioning test assets.

The product also is integrated with Micro Focus Caliber product family for requirements-driven testing. Shared manual test libraries and manual test versioning in SilkCentral Test Manager enable software delivery teams to be more efficient with manual testing, Micro Focus said.

SilkCentral Test Manager 2010 and SilkTest 2010 are available now, the company said.

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