CloudShare goes after Surgient customers after Quest acquisition

Quest gets Surgient's private cloud management software, but CloudShare wants to host Surgient customers and is offering a trade-up program to do just that

Last week, Quest Software announced it had completed the acquisition of Surgient and its private cloud automation software. It looks as though Quest pulled what has become widely known as "a Victor Kiam," meaning as a customer of Surgient, Quest liked the company so much they decided to buy it.

With the Surgient purchase, Quest hopes to expand its virtualization management capabilities by being able to allow customers to automate the deployment and management of secure private cloud infrastructures to gain business agility and reduce costs. The deal will enable Quest to compete for mindshare with some of the big boys in software industry who are also going after the private cloud market, companies like BMC, CA, Microsoft, and VMware.

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The Surgient cloud platform will be added into the Quest Vizioncore virtualization suite, which already includes products such as vRanger and vReplicator for backup and business continuity, vConverter for physical-to-virtual (P2V) machine migration, vFoglight for VM performance monitoring, and vOptimizer for VM storage management. Oddly enough, at the same time as this rollup of Surgient, the Vizioncore name is also going through a re-branding effort and next month will become the Quest Server Virtualization Management Group.

The Surgient technology also seems to fit in nicely with Quest's move to support a more heterogeneous hypervisor environment since it works with VMware VI3, vSphere 4, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V. Surgient supports physical provisioning in addition to virtual by integrating with third-party server provisioning and configuration management software -- another potential win for Quest.


Quest said it would continue to market and sell the Surgient cloud platform and offer its customers the Surgient Cloud Express, a scaled-down private cloud offering made up of less than 30 managed CPUs that can be rapidly deployed within 30 days. However, nothing was mentioned about what happens to Surgient's hosted cloud environment. It seems Surgient may have already disbanded or been in the process of dismantling the hosting side of the business in favor of its on-premise cloud software.

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