Hacking your Web browser in 7 easy steps

Plug-ins, extensions, add-ons -- leading browsers are fast becoming rich platforms for customizing your Web experience

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Although it's a bit of an exaggeration to suggest that any plug-in you install will transform the Web, ad blockers could play a role in ensuring that more information retreats behind pay walls. So before you download Wladimir Palant's Adblock Plus or Michael Gundlach's AdBlock for Chrome, which includes a feature that gives Google ads special unblocking treatment, consider how you expect those who provide meaningful content to the Web will get paid for doing so.

Similarly, many plug-in developers deserve recognition and support. One good way to keep developers pushing the browser forward is to donate to those who have developed plug-ins you find most useful. Donations provide a meaningful feedback mechanism to encourage developers to continue improving their work. Firefox and Chrome's extensions listings offer buttons for submitting donations. If you like the plug-ins and want them to continue to be supported, find a way to make a donation.

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