HTML5 vs. Flash: The case for Flash

Seven reasons Web designers will remain loyal to Flash for rich Web content

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The platform that once nurtured reworked versions of '80s arcade classics now offers engines that deliver 3-D graphics, real-world physics, and the ubiquitous Facebook integration. Thanks to these ready-made systems, it takes no time at all to whip up a casual game. That may be why so many companies create games with the larger goal of advertising or education.

One Website producer who may be indicative of where things are heading said that Flash by itself was a bit boring, and she kept looking beyond to the power of Shockwave and other enhancements.

"I preferred Director/Shockwave because I liked what we could do with it," she said. "The end result is more visually interesting, and the interactions are more intriguing. The animations are less repetitive because Flash animations are just repeating sprites."

She added: "The developer I've been working with has a film background. He prefers Director/Shockwave, and his work is really creative."

These are the people whom HTML5 must win over.

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