Convirture manages open source Xen, KVM virtualization and the private cloud

ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise edition addresses the management gap in open source virtualization platforms and attempts to compete on the level of VMware vCenter

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"Until now, any organization that wanted a complete solution for managing and automating a virtual data center was locked into expensive and proprietary solutions like VMware vCenter," said Arsalan Farooq, CEO of Convirture. "That changes today as ConVirt 2.0's advanced automation, private cloud management, enterprise scalability, and data center integration features now meet or exceed what's available from proprietary platform vendors. With ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise, organizations considering Xen or KVM as open source alternatives to commercial virtualization platforms are no longer forced to compromise on manageability."

ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise extends ConVirt Open Source with the following advancements:

  • High availability: Ensures that mission-critical applications are always up and running by delivering a comprehensive high-availability feature set, including virtual and physical machine failover.
  • Storage and network automation: Streamlines the error-prone and time-consuming tasks of configuring network and storage in a virtualized environment. Storage configuration standardizes storage across a server pool by automating configuration of all storage types, including NFS, iSCSi, AOE, Fiber Channel, and LVM. And network integration provides a centralized interface for managing virtual networks.
  • Backup and recovery: Scheduled and on-demand backups are supported to help with planned and unplanned outages. Restore modes can be for the most recent state or any earlier backup.
  • Role-based access control: Based on their roles, users get automatically assigned privileges and access to managed entities. User actions are continuously audited to keep track of the changes in the environment.
  • Alerting and notification: Setup alerts and notifications to automatically send an email when issues occur.
  • Integration capabilities: Includes an open repository, command line interface, and programmatic APIs to integrate ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise with other tools, write scripts to perform batch operations, or run custom reports against the repository.

With ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise, Convirture is also looking ahead by adding features that help with the management of a hosted or private cloud model. It offers full multitenant security to enable the sharing of the infrastructure resources among multiple clients while still ensuring full isolation; provides full flexibility in choosing the extent of control that is delegated to each client; allows automated provisioning of the virtual infrastructure based on a predefined schedule or timetable; enables resource limiting to ensure clients do not go above their allocated quota; and supports a virtual appliance catalog that can be populated by the application vendors or by clients creating their own reference images.

ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise is available today, priced starting at $1,495 per host for up to 10 server hosts.

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