Embarcadero tackles the cloud with tools for PHP and Windows

RAD Studio XE features former Borland tools aimed at cloud deployments

Embarcadero Technologies will release later this month upgraded development tools for Windows and PHP as part of its RAD Studio XE suite.

With the suite, Embarcadero will make accommodations for deploying cloud applications and also expects to battle Zend Technologies in the PHP development space. Embarcadero will officially announce the suite on September 1.

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Featured in the suite are new versions of Delphi, for building Windows applications using Object Pascal; Delphi Prism, for building .Net-based managed code applications; C++ Builder, for building C++ applications; and RadPHP XE, the successor to the company's Delphi for PHP development tool. Embarcadero acquired these products when it bought CodeGear, the former Borland Software development tools group, in 2008.

All products in the suite now carry the XE designation, which loosely stands for cross-platform, heterogeneous database and Embarcadero, said Mike Rozlog, Embarcadero product manager for RAD Studio solutions.

Cloud capabilities in Delphi and C++ Builder enable development of applications that access the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform storage services. Developers also can deploy applications to the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) platform.

Embarcadero also is looking to compete with Zend in the PHP space with RadPHP XE, anticipating that its integrated debugger, profiler and drag-and-drop component give it an advantage, Rozlog said. RadPHP XE competes with Zend Studio, Rozlog said.

"What's great about [the PHP tool] is you have your full drag-and-drop functionality that we [have had] with Delphi and C++ Builder and Delphi Prism," Rozlog said. "We have that same thing now for PHP so that development is very fast, very rapid and it's really, really great for developers."

RadPHP XE even features application authentication components made available by Zend, said Rozlog. The new PHP tool outdoes Delphi for PHP in that it is faster, offers debugging for PHP and JavaScript and handles AJAX better, he said.

Developers can build Facebook applications using RadPHP XE, Rozlog said.

XE products support multiple database types and deployment environments and Embarcadero ToolCloud technology for centralized license management.

With the XE releases of Delphi and C++ Builder, developers can build Windows-based servers that can interoperate with protocols such as REST. This is enabled via Embarcadero's DataSnap framework, for building multitier applications. Tools for testing, performance profiling, build automation, and quality assurance are featured in Delphi and C++ also. Version control is offered via Subversion integration.

Products in the suite can be purchased either separately or together.

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