ThoughtWorks Studios Go helps automate agile development

The software automates the build, test, and deployment process to help companies more quickly move software into production

ThoughtWorks Studios is releasing on Tuesday Go, for automating the entire build, test, and deployment process in agile software development projects.

Organizations using Go can release software faster and more reliably, ThoughtWorks Studios said.

[ As InfoWorld's Paul Krill reported in January, agile development is now considered mainstream. ]

"What Go addresses is often referred to as the last-mile problem with corporate IT," said John Guerriere, vice president of ThoughtWorks Studios. The problem has been that software can sit for several months while organizational issues delay deployment, he explained.

Go is the successor to the company's software release management product, Cruise. While Cruise was geared to continuous integration of software builds, Go proceeds onto the final steps for an application to go into production. "This automates all those steps," Guerriere said.

"What Go is saying is that when you have something that's ready for production, you should be able to put it into production pretty much now," he said.

"A big party of agile is getting business value as quickly as possible," said Guerriere. With agile software development, software is developed in short iterations rather than being fully mapped out in advance.

Go enables users to see what version of each application is in use in each environment, audit back to the source and perform one-click deployments of new versions of software, said ThoughtWorks Studios. Also, Go detects which tests broke, which test broke them, and who was responsible, even when run across a grid.

A new interface provides for centralized management of large numbers of projects and machines, according to ThoughtWorks Studios.

ThoughtWorks Studios would not reveal pricing of Go, except to say that it was user-based. ThoughtWorks Studios is the software product arm of the ThoughtWorks agile software development firm

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