Bitzer uses virtualization to link personal mobile devices to enterprises

Company's Enterprise Virtualized Mobility (EVM) technology will help support employee-owned mobile phones

Bitzer Mobile this week introduced its Enterprise Virtualized Mobility (EVM) technology, which isolates corporate data from personal data on employee-owned mobile devices and enables secure remote access to enterprise data on these devices.

The company is addressing the issue of employees bringing their own devices to work and wanting access to enterprise information; IT managers have had difficulty in determining how many to support and have to worry about security and provisioning, said Bitzer CEO Naeem Zafar. "We solve that problem using virtualization," he said.

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EVM features a "virtual container," called Enterprise Virtual App Container (EVC), deployed on mobile devices as a native application. It is controlled by enterprise IT personnel who can deliver proper data and access to the device of the employee's choosing.

Bitzer uses a Mobile Virtualization Layer, or MVL, to connect to existing remote access infrastructure to provide mobile data transport, offline synchronization, native views, and user authentication services to mobile devices. Also, the virtualization layer enables access to enterprise applications from a single icon on mobile devices. MVLs can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. "MVL essentially is an alternative presentation layer," for existing applications, Zafar said.

Bitzer plans to write MVLs for standard applications such as Oracle applications. Developers can write MVLs using technologies such as HTML, PHP, .Net, or Java.

EVC is to be deployed as a native application on devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows, and Android, with initial support for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. An Admin Control Panel centrally manages users and devices. IT personnel can enforce authentication and security policies and provision, as well as wipe applications and record usage statistics.

EVCs are free for download. EVC user licenses with the administrator control panel start in price at $5,000 per year for 50 users.

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