InfoWorld seeking nominations for 2011 Green 15 awards

Organizations of all sizes are invited to share their successful green IT projects

Just a couple years ago, nearly every IT product announcement, annual report, or interoffice memo seemed awash in green hype. Company X's new computer with an 80 percent efficient power supply? It's green! Company Y's shiny new data center that uses outside air during the winter? So green! Company Z's CEO had a videoconference with an overseas partner instead of flying out? Also green!

Indeed, the hype phase of green IT has thankfully diminished as sustainability efforts have become business as usual, and more organizations have realized the business benefits -- both tangible and intangible -- of slashing wasting while reducing their carbon footprints. IT hardware built with energy-efficient components is more an expectation than a premium add-on feature. Data centers constructed in a modular fashion, employing higher-efficiency CRAC units or free cooling, leveraging virtualization to reduce server counts, and monitoring PUE and energy consumption are no longer the exceptions. Cutting travel-related carbon emissions with collaboration tools such as videoconferencing and telepresence is increasingly commonplace.

That certainly doesn't mean innovations are no longer emerging in the realm of sustainability technology -- but the bar is rising.

To help prove that point, InfoWorld is officially seeking nominations for this year's Green 15 awards. We launched the Green 15 back in 2008, and over the years, we've seen all sorts of impressive projects where organizations around the globe. Small businesses, schools, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations have all leveraged information technology to rein in waste, whether from electricity, fuel, or paper, while improving their environmental standing and, without exception, reaping business benefits. These pluses range from significant cost savings on wasted resources; reclaimed space and hardware in data centers and server rooms; higher efficiency and productivity by replacing travel with collaboration technology; and more.

To nominate your organization's project, go to the InfoWorld Green 15 information page. There you'll find details about the award criteria, as well as the nomination form. We recommend you review the winners from previous years to get an idea of what sort of projects we're seeking.

We'll be accepting nominations through the end of February. Winners will be announced on April 22 -- which happens to be Earth Day.

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