Chrome 8 PDF viewer unusable for some

We explain how to disable the internal Chrome PDF viewer, which lacks essential features for business and academia, and re-enable the Adobe plug-in

The new, automatically installed Chrome 8 internal PDF viewer is intended to make PDF viewing just like HTML viewing -- only it lacks features needed in business and academia for reports and papers, namely saving documents to the local disk, printing documents, paginating documents, and navigating with bookmarks.

Each missing feature in itself makes the viewer a nonstarter for people who need it; taken together, they make the viewer unusable for any but the shortest, simplest documents, despite its attractive speed.

Many users are up in arms about this and are typically switching to a different browser until this problem has been fixed. (Take a look at the comments to this blog on Chrome's PDF Reader, for example.)

There is a fix, however ugly: In Chrome, browse to the internal about:plugins page, disable the Chrome PDF Viewer plug-in, and enable the Adobe Reader 8 plug-in.

What was Google thinking?

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