Novell brings cloud management to the iPhone

Souped-up version of heterogeneous Cloud Manager also imports hosts and VMs to private clouds

Since entering the competitive cloud-management fray last September, Novell has been working hard to make its Cloud Manager product stand out against such competition as Microsoft's Systems Center, as well as offerings from CA and HP. Cloud Manager's strongest selling point has arguably been its ability to support all the major hypervisors, operating systems, and hardware platforms, but Novell today announced some enhancements to the tool that could further sway organizations moving toward the cloud.

Among those improvements is the ability to import existing hosts and virtual machines into private clouds "so they can be managed from a single product just like newly provisioned workloads," said Jim Ebzery, senior vice president and general manager of security, management, and operating platforms at Novell.

Additionally, Novell has unveiled a native Cloud Manager app for iPhone, granting admins on-the-go access to their particular role-based views from their Apple-branded smartphones. Ben Grubin, director of data center management for Novell, told Network World that the remote management application might appear on other mobile platforms, such as BlackBerry, Android, and Windows 7, if there is sufficient customer demand.

Finally, Novell announced that the enhanced version of Cloud Manager enables users to easily modify individual workloads: On the fly, they can add resources to overburdened jobs or remove resources from overprovisioned workloads. That sort of load balancing can help organizations make better use of their existing resources, thus reducing the need to waste money on additional processing, storage, and the like.

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