A silver lining to HP tech support

Despite taking flak at the Gripe Line, Hewlett-Packard is winning awards for service -- thanks in large part to experts like you

HP has been taking a lot of heat on Gripe Line in the past few months. In fact, one reader who weighed in on "Disgruntled HP customer meets happy resolution" prefaced his response by emailing, "Since it was bash HP day on Friday, I thought I would add my story."

For readers eyeing their HP equipment with trepidation, worried about the service they might get if things go badly, I'd like to point out that the company must also be doing some things right. For instance, it was recognized on Friday by Forrester Research as a Forrester Groundswell Award winner for "excellence in achieving business and organizational goals with social technology applications." The HP support forum, where savvy and experienced HP customers and HP support techs help consumers solve problems, was called out specifically in the award. According to HP, more than 13 million customers have resolved their issues via the site.

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On the heels of winning that award, HP announced the launch of a mobile support forum. That forum works with any mobile device and doesn't require a download.

Obviously, I'm always happy to help resolve any issues you have with HP (or any company). Even when I don't cover those issues here, I always intervene behind the scenes, but you may want to try out this forum from your mobile device, and let us know what you think of it.

If you have questions for HP, the company is planning a Meet the Experts event in January and has extended Gripe Line readers the opportunity to submit questions in advance. Send them to me and I'll move them along.

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