Best work and play apps for your jailbroken iPhone

So you've successfully jailbroken your iOS device -- now what? Try these 10 apps for starters

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QuickReply for SMS

Price: $2.99

Develper: Gaurav Khanna

QuickReply offers a simple solution to a minor annoyance: having to switch over to your SMS app in order to respond to a message. With QuickReply, all you have to do is double-tap on the message, and you can start typing your response, no matter what screen you're on when the SMS is first received. According to the developer, QuickReply will soon come free. No timeline is given, but if you hold out, you can save three bucks. Get it from the Cydia Store.


Price: 99 cents

Developer: Pragmatix Consulting

Perhaps you, like many iOS device owners, went a little app crazy when you first got your new handheld, adding apps left and right. No problem there, but it raises the issue of how to organize all those app icons on your home screen. Traditionally, you'd have to plug your device into your PC and reorganize the home screens via iTunes, or you could move each app icon manually on the device in an extremely painstaking process. SBOrganizer offers an easier way: reorganizing the home screens right on your device.

SBOrganizer makes home screen organization a three-step process: Click the Reorder button, reorder the home screens however you want, and click Done. That's it. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and you can even create and merge unlimited amounts of home screen pages. Get it from the Cydia Store.


Price: $1.99

Developer: Phoenix-Dev

One big downside of Apple's control-freak nature is that it leaves users beholden to Steve Jobs and company for simple items. Take iPhone video playback, for example. You can run video out of your iPhone and into your TV, but Apple will charge you a whopping $50 for the component AV cable to do so.

Resupported lets you dodge the "unsupported accessory" error message and use whatever cable you like -- as long as it has the necessary adapters to plug into your device and your TV, you should be good to go. The latest version also includes support for third-party video apps like YouTube. Get it from the Cydia Store.


Price: $2.99

Developer: Jonathan Zdziarski

When it comes to getting rid of data, there's deleting a file and there's completely eliminating a file. Many people believe simply deleting a file means you're rid of it. Not so -- that data can still be recovered.

iWipe makes sure deleted files are gone for good by covering up the freed memory space where deleted files can still exist post-deletion. Once the iWipe application is run, deleted data cannot be recovered, so that embarrassing photo or sensitive info will truly never see the light of day. Get it from the Cydia Store.

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