Best work and play apps for your jailbroken iPhone

So you've successfully jailbroken your iOS device -- now what? Try these 10 apps for starters

Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch used to be a somewhat complicated process, but now it couldn't be easier: Simply go to the website, and you're done. As a bonus, gives you access to the Cydia store of apps for your newly jailbroken device.

As a warning, jailbroken apps aren't like standard software you buy from Apple's App Store. For one thing, they don't place a little icon on your home screen that you simply tap to launch the app. In fact, these apps have little to no visible presence at all. Although some require you to download and install the MobileTerminal app, which gives you a command-line interface, most apps merely add background functionality to your device -- no launching necessary.

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That said, here are some of our favorite jailbroken apps.

Wi-Fi Sync

Price: $9.99

Developer: Greg Hughes

We talk about iPhones and such being wireless devices, but they aren't truly wireless: You need a cable to sync it with a desktop or laptop PC. Then you need to actually sit down with your device, your computer, and that cable (if you can remember where you put it) before you sync your handheld.

Wi-Fi Sync lets you forget about that whole process by doing exactly what its name implies: syncing devices over Wi-Fi. It's a handy app that offers functionality Apple probably should have included in the first place. Get it from the Cydia Store.


Price: $5.99

Developer: Jonathan Zdziarski

Video game systems have grown more sophisticated over the years, but are they really more fun than the original Nintendo Entertainment System? It's not just nostalgia that makes the NES seem so good -- it also boasts classic games like the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers 1-3, and the Mega Man series. With this handy app, you can carry all those terrific games around with you all the time.

To be clear, though, just as you had to buy a console to play the games, this app provides the emulated console but not any actual games. However, a Google search can help you track down the ROMs you want. Get it from the Cydia Store.

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