JetBrains updates Java IDE

Capabilities for Spring, Google Web Toolkit, and multilanguage programming are featured in IntelliJ Idea 10

JetBrains released this week IntelliJ Idea 10, an upgrade to its IDE for Java Virtual Machine and "polyglot" programming, featuring accommodations for technologies from Spring and Google.

The company describes polyglot programming as combining multiple languages on a single project. Version 10 adds support for the Spring Roo rapid application development tool as well as improvements related to GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Groovy/Grails, and Flex/ActionScript. AspectJ aspect-oriented programming and ColdFusion are supported for the first time.

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New features of the Spring 3.0 framework that are supported along with GWT capabilities, include Cascading Style Sheets editing support for GWT ui.xml files.

"During the last few years we've seen a boom of new cool technologies that every developer wanted to use. And IntelliJ Idea has been on the cutting edge, supporting them all," said Max Shafirov, IntelliJ Idea project lead, in a statement released by the company. "Last year, the industry settled down somewhat on a stack of technologies used for application development, and we took this chance to review IntelliJ Idea from the user experience perspective. We revisited the most common actions that developers perform dozens or hundreds of times a day and made them smarter, faster, and easier to use."

The UI in version 10 is lighter and enables developers to focus on code, JetBrains said. Version 10 also offers code completion that is auto-invoked instantly as a developer types. Initial project indexing is faster, and detachable tabs give more flexibility in controlling workspace layout. Easier multi-language editing is featured as well. A native file system watcher for Linux allows for faster synchronization of the project tree with the IDE upon external changes.

Improved Mercurial and Git version control capabilities are being highlighted, and an integrated database editor is featured as well. JetBrains also is adding Google Android development support for the free, open source Community edition of the IDE.

Versoin 10 features updated versions of Ruby, Python, and Scala plug-ins, supporting capabilities in Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, and Scala.

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