AccuRev offers glossary of agile development terms

The company seeks to drive adoption of agile software development, presenting definitions on terms like Scrum and XP

AccuRev has released a glossary of terms for agile software development, intending to accelerate the adoption of agile practices in enterprises.

Available last week, the Agile Software Development Glossary features definitions of terms like Agile Manifesto and Scrum as well as methodologies for developers to use to plan and scale agile processes. The free glossary is available at AccuRev's website.

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Agile development involves building software in short iterations, instead of mapping out everything completely in advance and relying heavily on documentation. Developers work with stakeholders when building applications via agile practices.

"As interest in agile continues to grow among the software development community, confusion about the meaning of new terms is also on the rise. AccuRev developed the Agile Glossary to address this key obstacle and to aid in accelerating Agile across the enterprise," said Damon Poole, AccuRev's founder and CTO, in a statement released by the company.

The company also plans to feature content from the glossary on the AccuRev Blog in the AccuRev Agile Methods Defined blog post series. AccuRev is inviting feedback from software developers, with the blog series serving as a platform for that feedback.

"AccuRev sees this glossary as a living, evolving resource for software developers, and we welcome and invite feedback and contributions from the community as we work together to drive the continued adoption of Agile," Poole said. "AccuRev is committed to advancing agile across the enterprise not only with our agile solutions, but also through efforts like this glossary and our research into the pain points that limit agile adoption."

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