Sonatype links Apache Maven build manager with the Eclipse IDE

The Sonatype Professional suite is built for Java developers and helps minimize bugs while maximizing software reuse

Sonatype is launching on Wednesday a suite of tools geared for Java developers who use the open source Apache Maven software build management system.

Leveraging the Eclipse IDE, the Sonatype Professional suite integrates Maven with the company's Nexus Professional enterprise repository manager; Sonatype's Matrix, which is the company's rendition of the Hudson open source continuous integration project; and m2eclipse, for visual management of Maven. m2eclipse features a series of IDE plug-ins for working with Maven. An onboarding capability in the suite allows developers to fashion a custom development environment via single click of a button. The environment can include plug-ins, source code branches, and continuous integration jobs.

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"[The suite is] designed to do essentially two things: improve the functionality of the Java development cycle -- saving time and money -- and to improve the overall quality of the final product that's delivered," said Larry Roshfeld, Sonatype executive vice president of products.

Maven, Roshfeld said, allows developers to automate the process of setting up Java development. With Sonatype Professional, the company is looking to help developers build software in a manner that minimizes the amount of bugs and makes it easier to reuse software. "Basically, the purpose of Nexus Pro is to store your own artifacts as well as artifacts you might have gotten from the community," said Roshfeld.

From within Eclipse, users can visually manage Maven, browse and search Nexus repositories, submit Hudson jobs, build and continuous integration alerts, and jump to broken code. The suite also is integrated with Maven Central, which is a repository for exchanging Java artifacts. Sonatype is being offered for an introductory price of $350 per developer per year.

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