2010's best tales from the tech trenches

The tech pro faces many career challenges and even a humorous situation or two. Here's a collection of such IT stories from InfoWorld readers

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Office politics ensure the tech's life is anything but boring

Blundering bosses, out-of-touch-with-reality suits, and disgruntled or inept coworkers are often featured in Off the Record stories. In one newbie tech's tale of the first day on the job, he is given an ominous greeting by his soon-to-be-ex officemate: "The manager left and closed the door behind him. Bob looked at me and, barely waiting for the door to shut, said, 'If you have another job, go back to it. You won't make it here.'"

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Users keep tech pros on their toes

Ah, where would life be without the timeless stories of the scrapes users get themselves into? Take, for instance, the tale of user ignorance wreaking havoc on company's computer files: "I went to Ed's office, where he was hard at work on his new laptop. ... I found that on the advice of his teenage son, he was deleting any extra files to make his laptop run faster and give him more storage space. After deleting anything he didn't recognize on the C: drive, he had moved on to the P: drive (his personal network storage location), the G: drive (general public storage of shared documents), and the F: drive (the accounting system, the label system, the menu system). Overall, he had deleted almost 300MB off of his 20MB hard drive."

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