Supercharged Android: 12 apps to boost your smartphone

Make your Android device run longer, run smarter, and run almost anywhere with this collection of essential apps

Psst... Come close. There's something I need to tell you, and there's no easy way to say it: Your Android smartphone might not be living up to its full potential.

I know, I know -- you've loved it. You've cared for it. You've cradled it while watching "Frasier" reruns at night. But despite all the tender nurturing, there's a decent chance your smartphone has hidden pockets of power you haven't yet unlocked.

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Much of Android's aptitude, you see, comes from its flexibility. Thanks to Google's open approach to applications, there's practically no limit to the ways you can expand your phone's functionality and customize its existing features. It doesn't take much time or effort to crank up the dial on what your device can do, either; you just have to know where to begin.

So get ready to make your smartphone stronger and more versatile than ever.

You can download these apps quickly from your Android smartphone from the Android Market if you scan the QR image code shown for each -- but if you want to scan them using your Android smartphone, you have to read it on InfoWorld's mobile-friendly website; unfortunately, our regular website doesn't work on mobile devices. (Also if the images don't display properly on your desktop browser, go to the original article at

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