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InfoWorld news quiz: Nov. 19, 2010: iTunes meets The Beatles, Facebook fails to move the needle

It was, as Steve Jobs noted, "a long and winding road," but The Beatles finally got back to where they once belonged, offering up their songs on iTunes. Now all you need is love and $149 to get the entire catalog. What else happened? Facebook debuted a universal messaging system, garnering a collective "so what" from the rest of the digi-sphere. AOL announced a new email refresh of its own (more yawns), Zynga announced more social games (getting sleepy), and oh yeah, China hijacked the Internet -- for about 18 minutes last April. Are you awake enough to ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points each time you nail the right answer. Now chug some Red Bull and begin.

1. Yes, it finally happened. After seemingly decades of anticipation, the Beatles are finally available on iTunes, accompanied by a new Apple ad campaign. Which of the following Fab Four classics is not used in the ads?

a. "All You Need Is Love"
b. "Let It Be"
c. "Here Comes the Sun"
d. "Money (That's What I Want)"

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