Microsoft's fake validation of

A deeper look at Microsoft's latest PR stunt reveals its fear of not capturing emerging economies such as Eastern Europe

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Four quotes say that users already have Microsoft Office skills, insinuating they'd have trouble shifting to

  • "New employees lacked applications' use skills that significantly increased employees' adaptation period and adversely affected their operational efficiency." -- Igor Gentosh, Head of Systems Integration Department, Kredobank JSC
  • "Our users' familiarity with the Microsoft Office interface and the uniformity of different application tools have minimized calls to the help desk." -- Tiziona Battilana, Information Systems Coordinator, Euromobil Group
  • "When we returned to Microsoft Office after our experience with OpenOffice, we could practically hear a collective sigh of relief across the entire district" -- Bailey Mitchell, CIO, Forsyth County Schools
  • "By using Microsoft Office 2007, we have reduced the internal support costs significantly because our staff is familiar with this system. This increases acceptance and job satisfaction." -- Joerg Lenze, System Administrator, Heinrich Berndes Haushaltstechnik

Two quotes say that lacks Microsoft Office interoperability:

  • "With there was total uncertainty about the formatting of documents and also about their inconsistency when shared outside our production group." -- Eros Borgogelli, Information System Coordinator, Ciar
  • "Employees using weren't always capable of correctly making sense of documents arriving from outside the company, and doing so with adequate security guarantees." -- Eugenio Mariotto, ICT Director, Cobra Automotive Technologies

And the final four examples say that lacks Microsoft's feature completeness:

  • "When I open a large spreadsheet, it can take 10 times longer in than in Office Excel 2007." -- Sergey Sakharov, Business Process Optimization Manager, Art of Transport Logistics
  • "Our employees were frustrated because OpenOffice and our overall IT environment prevented them from being more productive." -- Darek Muraszko, Information Systems Administrator, Kaczmarski Inkasso
  • "When I was using, I was especially having trouble with macros not being supported enough. I was asking for help from the IT department. They evaluated my request and suggested that I use Microsoft Excel." -- Bulent Turker, Product Manager for the Scarves Department, Sarar Group
  • "I've had students who turned in files that they've converted from OpenOffice with formatting problems. That affects their grades." -- Tisome Nugent, Educator, Orange County Public Schools
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