IT tales for your summer reading list

Lighten your summer workdays with these 12 stories from the Off the Record archives

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  • A newly hired tech specialist at a fast food chain discovers why the restaurants have a policy of "No photos, please." Hint: It's not due to swarms of dining paparazzi.
  • A CFO with no understanding of IT calls the shots in this horrifying IT tale, "How to keep your servers moist."
  • In the IT tale of "Cable installation gone wild," a lazy installer and a don't-meddle-if-it-kinda-works manager add up to a growing cabling nightmare.
  • In "Don't lift a finger," a junior member of the IT support team pushes in the button to shut down a server -- only to discover it's the wrong piece of hardware.
  • "Oh, were you using that server?" Yes, as a matter of fact -- unbeknownst to the boss who gives away an "extra" server that's part of the fault-tolerance system when the IT admin goes on vacation.
  • As one IT worker learns in "That orderly shutdown wasn't so orderly," sometimes the best way to show the boss the other side of the argument is by accidentally demonstrating the emergency scenario.

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