Readers weigh in on telemarketing, printer ink, and poor HP service

Gripe Line faithful share telephone survey pranks, the upside of refilling printer cartridges, and woeful tales of HP disservice

Gripe Line readers are a vocal bunch, lending noteworthy insights on other readers' unfortunate tech plights. Here are a few entertaining and insightful reactions to recent gripes.

In response to "How to sue telemarketers and win," reader Jerry writes, "I hate telephone survey agents so I have a bit of fun with them. I tell the caller that I'm happy to help but I will first need their billing address and credit card number. When they ask why, I say, 'Do you get paid to do this survey work?' The answer is always yes. So I reply that I get, too, paid for my work and that my rates are $75 per hour, with a four-hour minimum. And if they are willing to pay my rates, I will gladly answer their questions. After a stunned silence, they are gone and I have a laugh. No one has paid me yet!"

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And Fred reports that the many informed and pertinent comments from readers on "The myths and strange science of printer ink" made for good reading. I have to agree. After reading those comments, I feel as if I have been to school on using remanufactured and refillable ink cartridges. I might even try it again.

Off the Record submissions

Fred also points out that not all printer manufacturers are as open-minded as HP when it comes to using off-brand cartridges. He bought a Lexmark 605S all-in-one printer this year and had to agree to use only Lexmark Ink cartridges.

"It was printed on the box, and I had to agree to it during setup," he explains. "If I was planning to use off-brand cartridges, it informed me, I should return the unit to the store for a refund." He kept the printer and has found the ink cartridges to be very reasonably priced.

"The printer displays the amount of ink left in the cartridge, and it works right down to below 5 percent," he reports. He is very happy with the printer: "It is a full-function copier and scanner. It even prints double-sided. We use it entirely with  802.11n wireless. So I can even print to it from my 10-year-old Thinkpad."

In response to my recent saga on HP support, "Disgruntled HP customer meets happy resolution," P.B. who owns an IT services company, reports, "When it comes to PCs and laptops, I have been an HP 'fan' for at least six years."

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