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April 29, 2011: Apple iPhones follow, Charlie Sheen wallows

Feel like you're being followed? Don't worry, it's just your smartphone recording everywhere you go. While location tracking was the big story this week, it wasn't the only one. Apple actually introduced a new(ish) product, instead of just rumors. There's a new Wii on the horizon, Delicious has been spared an untimely death, Sony's PlayStation Network got hacked, and Charlie Sheen introduced his own iPhone app. (We didn't say it was all good news.) Can you ace our quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. And no tweeting @charliesheen for help (he'd be too busy casting warlock spells in any case).

1. One of the following mythical Apple products actually materialized this week. Which one?

a. T-Mobile iPhone
b. White iPhone 4
c. iPhone 5
d. iPhone 6

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