Libya, links, and you: How your URLs help power Gadhafi's regime

Do you use,, or You may be in cahoots with Libya's Moammar "Goon" Gadhafi

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This has not been lost on the Gadhafi and friends. Per the Journal:

The Libyans are well aware of their potential market among English speakers seeking memorable Internet addresses. According to information on Libyan Spider's website, only 38 percent of .ly domains are registered by Libyans. English-speaking countries have locked up most of the rest, with the U.S., the U.K., and Canada accounting for 43 percent of the total.

For those without their own adverb indexes, the company helpfully posted a list of "8,742 words ending in ly." While,, and are taken,,, and remain available, the company said.

But that's not the only ccTLD to watch out for. If we ever get into a tussle with Tuvalu (.tv), Turkmenistan (.tm), Armenia (.am), Belarus (.by), or Iceland (.is), other sites may be feeling some pain.

Who wins in this mess? Liechtenstein, which has the .li franchise locked up. Who's ever likely to get mad at Liechtenstein? (According to the Journal report, has already registered, if it comes to that.)

I know what you're thinking and, no, I have no plans to register  And don't you go doing it either.

Would you boycott a site registered in Libya or any other nation we're at not-war with? Post your thoughts below or email me: (But be sure to do it

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