Dell's new services ease move to virtual desktop

Dell is partnering with Citrix and VMware to offer prepackaged hardware, software, and services solutions that simplify cloud and local desktop virtualization

More and more companies seeing the success of server virtualization in the data center want to duplicate that on the desktop virtualization side. But many of these organizations have had poor results, failing to achieve economic goals, stalling on deployments, and hitting a virtual brick wall.

In many of these cases, coming up with the right desktop virtualization product is not enough; once an organization has selected a virtualization platform, it still has questions around servers, storage, and networking, and how all of these things interoperate with the different software components and endpoints.

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To help address this challenge, Dell has announced the availability of Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions, or DDVS, which Dell says was developed to ease the design and implementation complexities inherent in deploying virtualized desktop environments so that organizations can adapt to the changing dynamics of today's more mobile and global workforce. DDVS can be cloud or locally based, and it utilizes prepackaged services with configured and tested hardware and software.

"Desktop virtualization offers customers an opportunity to drive technology productivity by streamlining and simplifying the management of the desktop, enabling workers to use virtually any device, anytime, from anywhere," said Jan Uhrich, vice president of solutions at Dell. "Given Dell's proven strengths in both managing the entire set of hardware and software assets as well as services capabilities, organizations know the solution is fully unified and integrated, helping them achieve an efficient enterprise."

The Dell Integrated Solution Stack, which is part of DDVS, is designed to accelerate return on investment and solution stability and is a completely configured and tested solution that includes hardware and software, as well as Dell Services. Dell will rely on Citrix and VMware to supply the magic that is desktop virtualization software, while the hardware vendor will supply its PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage, and PowerConnect network devices.

Not all customer environments are the same, so it stands to reason their desktop virtualization implementations won't be one-size-fits-all, and Dell Services will have to work closely with customers to understand their specific challenges and needs. The tricky part may center on the fact that Dell is partnered with both Citrix and VMware. Dell will need to walk the fine line of knowing when to recommend to customers that they implement one technology over the other. Once they've cleared that hurdle, they can move on to designing and planning a desktop virtualization solution that fits that particular organization's needs.

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