VMware's cloud connector drives the hybrid cloud home

Though it may be initially dodgy, the tool will likely help enterprises make necessary link between private and public services

Earlier this week, EMC VMware announced a free cloud connector plug-in and hosted services, a development that will set a well-defined path to the hybrid cloud for many enterprises. Last month I pointed out the compelling reasons to drive to the hybrid cloud, and most of those with private and/or public cloud offerings are already on that path.

The VMware Cloud Connector, available sometime next month, provides a link between internal and external clouds that moves virtual machines between a hosted service (public clouds) and an organization's own internal systems (private clouds). In addition, the company announced that three service providers -- BlueLock, Colt, and Verizon -- are now offering VMware vCloud-certified hosting services.

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VMware says the connector should work with any hosting provider running vCloud and vSphere Director. It is guaranteed to work with any public hosting services proven compliant with the VMware vCloud Datacenter Services program, which assures that the provider has implemented the vCloud API and is praying to the OVF (Open Virtualization Format) gods.

I suspect that this connector software will be a bit dodgy out of the gate, considering the network bandwidth required, and other performance issues are bound to arise. I would not move too quickly to this type of solution without a great deal of prototyping and testing before the production phase.

Still, this type of architecture should quickly become the focus of those moving into cloud computing. The idea of offering choice in deployment platform, whether public or private, and the ability to move between them as the business needs change are just too compelling to pass up. Moreover, wherever VMware leads, enterprises seem to quickly follow. I suspect this product will be no exception. 

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