Mozilla pokes fun at Internet Explorer 9

According to Mozilla, Microsoft's forthcoming IE9 lags behind browsers over a year old in supporting key Web standards

As both Mozilla's Firefox 4 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 near their official releases, Mozilla has fired its latest salvo at Microsoft, saying IE9 does not qualify as a modern browser.

Mozilla evangelist Paul Prouget leveled the charge on his blog, saying that "IE9 is definitely better than IE8 and a step in the right direction, but I don't believe it to be a truly modern browser." Zing!

The crux of Prouget's argument is support of Web standards. Prouget says that Microsoft has overstated IE9's HTML5 support and, even more damning, that IE9 lacks support for a slew of other Web standards, including JavaScript Strict Mode, WebGL, Application Cache, and several CSS3 standards. According to Prouget, IE9's Web standards support score is even lower than that of the year-old Firefox 3.6.

"The reality is that IE9 is 2 years late," Prouget says. "Microsoft is glad to come out with the <video> tag, the <canvas> tag, SVG, and some CSS3. Like other vendors did years ago. Firefox 3.5 had the <video> tag, the <canvas> tag, Geolocation, SVG in 2009. Canvas and SVG existed 5 years ago."

Beyond Web standards issues, IE9 only supports Windows Vista and Windows 7, whereas Firefox 4 supports Mac OS, Linux, Android, and even Windows XP.

Competition between Microsoft and Mozilla has increased in intensity lately, in light of Microsoft's record low numbers in browser market share and Mozilla's first market share crown in Europe. As both companies gear up for the release of their next browser versions, expect the sniping to continue.

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