Eclipse takes on content management

The Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository project will provide reference implementation and feature services like versioning

The Eclipse Foundation is making a move into content management, with Nuxeo donating Java-based content management repository services to the open source tools organization.

The Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository project is being unveiled Wednesday. It features such services as versioning, authentication, and document content management from the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform. The project, if it gains its expected approval, will build on the initial contribution to deliver a modular content repository leveraging the CMIS (OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services) standard, Nuxeo said. The company said it is spinning off the project in an effort to spur innovation in the content management space.

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The project will provide developers with a reference implementation for content repositories, enabling development of content applications such as document, records, digital asset, and case management systems. Vertical or horizontal composite content applications could be built as well.

Adding content management has multiple impacts on Eclipse. "It expands the scope of runtime technologies at Eclipse in some new and interesting ways, and it specifically adds functionality around content management," said Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse executive director. Developers, he said, "now have a content repository that they can use for building content apps."

"Certainly, the intent is that this wlll create a platform that other Eclipse projects can use and other companies in the Eclipse ecosystem can use as well," said Milinkovich.

Nuxeo's technology is similar in some ways to the popular Drupal CMS, but Drupal is based on PHP, while Nuxeo uses Java, Milinkovich noted. After Wednesday's formal announcement, community feedback will be sought on the project, with the project expected to be officially created in about a month. Nuxeo will continue offering its other open source content management products such as Nuxeo DM (Document Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), and CMF (Case Management Framework).

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