Specialty Android apps for business users

An Android smartphone can do a lot more than play games and surf the Web. InfoWorld presents the apps that serious Fandroids should know about

Android smartphones are now the market leaders in terms of mobile sales, and more and more are finding their way into business, following the footsteps of the iPhone. Android fans have watched in the last year as the iPhone slowly shifted its perception to become the new corporate mobile standard -- but you don't have to just watch. These 40 apps show that the Android platform can play a serious role in business, too.

The companion article "The right office apps for the Android at work" compares the basic Office-like tools you need to get work done. But beyond word processing and spreadsheets lies a whole world of applications that can turn your Android smartphone into a powerful business machine.

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What follows is a category-by-category guide to the best Android specialty apps for business users. Whether you're after email management or mind-mapping, I've tracked down a top-notch tool that'll get the job done. It's true that more business apps are available -- and in more categories -- for iPhones and iPads than for Android devices, but it's also true that business Android users have a solid set of app options.

Click the name of any app I mention to load its Web page from the Android Market; from there, you can read user reviews, get additional details, and even install the program over the air to your Android smartphone.

Got a favorite specialty app I didn't include? Share the tip; just leave your recommendation in the comments section below.

The categories are:

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