Windows Server 8: A big leap for Hyper-V

Microsoft's sneak peek at the Windows 8 server edition shows big Hyper-V improvements for scalability and replication

There's a lot of hype around Windows 8 these days. Just this week, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky released the first post of the Building Windows 8 blog, which promises an inside look from the Windows engineering team. In that post, he says, "Windows 8 reimagines Windows."

On the desktop side, Windows can go in any of several directions, but from the Window Server side, it's exciting to consider what next steps Microsoft might take.

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Microsoft has said Windows 8 Server has 100 or so new features, but the main focus was on Hyper-V and a new feature called Hyper-V Replica that provides "asynchronous, application-consistent virtual machine replication." At Windows 8's recent partial unveiling, Microsoft demonstrated a mission-critical SQL VM being replicated from a private cloud to the offsite data center with a few clicks.

Microsoft also showed Hyper-V supporting 16 virtual processors per VM, up from the 4 supported today -- and Microsoft didn't say that 16 was the limit. Microsoft made bold promises about huge scalability that would support a private cloud strategy by IT.

So where does this leave us? Microsoft is hosting its Build event on Sept. 13-16, where it's said more details on Windows 8 will be shared with developers. The word on the street is that Microsoft will open the doors fully, so we'll have a lot more to report about on Windows 8 for desktops, laptops, tablets, and -- my favorite -- servers then.

The next logical question is "When will we see an actual release?" It's likely the Windows 8 desktop and client will be released in tandem, as was the case with Windows 7. One Microsoft VP, Dani Lewin, hinted at an autumn 2012 release, whereas well-known Microsoft reporter Mary Jo Foley wrote about a potential April 2012 release. Judging from past release dates, it's anyone's guess at this point.

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